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An essential utility that everybody who surf the Internet need

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Adobe Flash Player is a tool that is used for playing multimedia content. The application acts as a plugin for your web browser, supporting Flash reproduction without any problems. Many web pages contain animations, menus, and buttons that require this utility, the official plugin for playing SWF and FLV files. With this download you will not have to worry about playing any animation or entering on any website, since it is fully compatible with online multimedia.

Being a very important tool by Adobe, as well as one of the most used additional software around the world (more than 98% machines worldwide install this tool), Adobe Flash Player is one of those utilities which you don’t miss in a normal day, but you will move heaven and earth to find it out when you need to reproduce flash content.

As it is created to supply an important but non valuable function of your PC, you don’t know what it is until you miss it. It does not have advanced options and its function is one and clear: to allow users to reproduce media stuff when needed. Nevertheless, although it is a basic utility for our PC, we would not be able to live without it.

A simple and neat plugin created for a basic task

You can install Adobe Flash Player quickly -in a few minutes- and it will be fully integrated in your web browser. When your computer loads an animation, you can control the playback or change the image quality just right clicking on the element and modifying the options available. More complex Flash applications require storing data on your computer as well as access to your video and audio devices.

The plugin has its own settings panel for these so specific functions. The program is available for all main web browsers like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. This software is compatible with SWF and FLV files, which allows users to reproduce the most common media content available in websites and also Flash games, of course, to play online games that multiple websites offer.

Adobe Flash Player for Opera Features

The main features this free utility includes are listed below:

  • With this tool you can play even 3D animations
  • It offers support for playing flash content in full-screen mode
  • You can also reproduce HD video
  • SWF and FLV support
  • It provides users with an enhanced bitmap control

If you want to know more information about this software before the download, feel free to check the author’s website here .

Minimum system requirements

The minimum system requirements your computer needs in order to download and install this free utility are the following:

  • Operating System: Windows XP (32-bits) and higher
  • Processor: 2.33 GHz
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Compatible web browsers: Internet Explorer 7, Mozilla Firefox 17, Google Chrome, Safari or Opera


Adobe Flash Player is a necessary tool that users need to have in their systems to reproduce all kinds of flash content, HD video included. Once you have it, you will find it essential for your everyday navigation.

Choose your download:

Version Extension Size Version Architecture Platform Download
flashplayer19pp_ha_install.exe exe 0.00B for Opera 32 & 64 bits Windows Download
flashplayer19_ha_install.exe exe 0.00B for Firefox 32 & 64 bits Windows Download
flashplayer19ax_ha_install.exe exe 0.00B for IE 32 & 64 bits Windows Download
flashplayer19pp_ha_install.exe exe 1.13MB for Opera 32 & 64 bits Windows Download
Adobe Flash Player for Opera Free Download screenshot